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If you are a baby boomer and are in business now or seriously thinking of starting a business around something you love and have a passion for, then you have landed on the right website.

                                          OUR VALUE PROPOSITION

We help boomers who are in business or in transition into one, succeed. We have developed relevant and dynamic coaching and learning programs, with the experts to help grow your business, get new clients and for you to truly love what you do and totally succeed.



We are a learning and coaching company that provides, the curriculum for business owners to learn the skills they need to succeed in business. We provide coaching, seminars, webinars and host events to help those in business or who are getting into business put it all together and make it happen!

We work to ensure that that each business owner or individual we coach achieve the kinds of successful results they desire!

Our goal is to help our clients re-capture and achieve peace, joy, fun, flow, direction and clarity in what it is they do and be totally certain in where it is they want to go! Live your best!

Who we work with:

The scope of our work is centered around working with companies, local economic development organizations and associations who assist Boomer Business Owners in launching a new business or sustaining and growing the business they have now!  Our clients are going through career or business transition, and face the many challenges and changes needed in how they need to approach their careers or businesses

Our Location:

 We are located in the Greater Toronto Area (and love to travel), where we love to teach and coach Boomers going into business for the first time or wanting to grow, change or improve their existing business.


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Success is a choice-choose wisely…


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