Just Start!


Thank you for landing here, shift is about to happen and it’s going to be good…


Ok you are in your mid 40’s and up. Chasing a buck, trying hard to pay your bills, to make ends meet, or even just survive. There has to be more to life than this, no?

But wait, you have obligations and a family to support, but somehow life…well…life just hasn’t added up. You stop and think, is this it? Really? Is this all there is? 

Is this as good as it gets?

You know inside you is something bigger, something is stirring…you want to live your dream, you want to make a contribution, you want to break free and live your most passionate and authentic self.


But you’re not sure. What does living a passionate, authentic life even look like? Am I too late? I don’t want to risk, I don’t want to face rejection or step out of my comfort zone…

If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you might never grow!

It’s not about the money…it’s about my soul, my inner yearning, at the end of the day, it’s about being in joy.

It’s about knowing you’ve lived life on your terms.

But wait! Stop? Wake up…you must be dreaming…who am I to have all that, you ask?

Here is what I say to you…Who are you not to live your best life and work toward something more ideal?

If you’re like me, you have faced rejection, fear of change, feeling flat, the pain of knowing you need to shift something, but you’re not 100 percent sure…do I make the move forward or not? Oh man, I’m feeling stopped, stuck and it’s not a good feeling?

Show of hands, you’ve been there, you’re not alone, so have I…but somehow I keep going, I make progress and move forward, with my fears, doubts and worries, but I don’t do it alone! 

Maybe you need a little hand holding, an action plan, direction and coaching to help you make the leap and just start as it says at the top of our landing page!

You know if you continue on the path you’re on it’s going to lead to hurt and angst. Maybe you have a business that just needs a boost, or maybe that venture is not yielding you results and you’re avoiding what you really need to do…

Or better yet, maybe it’s time to ditch the 9 to 5 and go for it and start something cool?

new you

That’s where we come in…we will tap you into your truest magic and gifts and then create the necessary steps to begin getting you into action, working towards change, working towards results!

Working to help you be your best self, and to be able to say at the end of the day, “today was a good day”…are you ready to start a movement and make that commitment together?

We help you start something, something successful, change direction positively or just shift your current direction and grow, personally, professionally and powerfully.

Come inside our site look around…we have the coaching, learning, webcasts, articles (blogs), events, contacts and ideas to help you get going…Oh and one last thing, I have taught thousands of start-ups, business owners and coached hundreds over the years…I am passionate and love what I do…let’s work together…

I sense something good happening…

Cheers, David Cohen




Raving fans…

Very good facilitator, as usual.  Always comes with concrete examples.  He has a great ability of offering particular ideas and resources for each business.”

“David’s workshop is really helping my niche market and its sub-segments – something I found extremely confusing in the past.”

“I’m so happy with David’s coaching.  Thank you!!”

“Enjoyed defining my niche market.  It was something I needed to do and David’s class was a big help in my thinking about my target niche.”

Are you ready to make the shift and start something good? Then get in touch with us…and get on our email list…click below…

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 Start saying  “YES” to your Success! 

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