A new year of success awaits, if you follow these 3 things!



What goes into being successful in life? To me, a heck of a lot! These days we bump up against so many challenges and curves…so how do we stay on track?

To begin the year with success in mind for 2017 there are 3 ingredients for success to happen for you in your business or work is as follows:

Here are your 3 success strategies to use this new year ahead!



1. Have a vision and mission…know the outcome and you want to achieve and make a commitment to make it happen. Whatever you do in life, work or in business, know what you want into the future, decide on it, write it down on paper, then visualize it happening and then act on it, do the actions that line up to your vision and mission. For this program that I run, my mission is to make it the best youth entrepreneur program in the City of Toronto!

That is a lofty goal to fill…but then the actions you take to make that happen must co-relate to having that outcome take place. Every action and strategies you do and take on have to come back to the very thing you wish to have happen and to be!

The vision in this case is long term…the vision is really out there and encapsulates the body of your work, life, and what you ideally want to be recognized for after your life, work, business is complete. In this case personally, I live by helping small business owners succeed…whether as the Boomer Business Coach, or as an author or radio show host…and now as a program coordinator for a youth entrepreneurship initiative. It is all about serving entrepreneurs…even these articles and posts are in line with my vision.

What is it that you are up to being in your vision, who do you serve, what is that long term outcome you want to see realized? These are some critical questions to ask yourself.

In terms of the mission, this more about being in the here and now! What do you want the immediate outcome or experience to be like for those that you serve? Then you focus your energy and actions into making your mission come alive!

It could be a mission for a dinner party even…for example you might want all of your guests to enjoy scrumptious food, have fun, connect and leave happy…with that in mind, you will put your love and passion into the food you make, you will create a warm welcoming vibe to make your party and guests feel and be welcome and you will encourage connection and do something fun so that your guests will leave feeling happy…

This is how your mission works…you declare the outcome ahead of time and do the actions that line up to what it is you want to have happen…

Success takes a Village!


2. It takes a village. Get a supporting cast around you to help. If you are having a dinner party, you might someone to help clean up, someone to make a good mix CD or download of great music to play in the background, you might need to buy a succulent dessert…or get a great bottle of wine. If it is work related, you need the right people on your team to help make your mission and goals have happen too!

In my case I am so blessed to have great co-workers that add immensely to the success of the program! There are 2 in particular, that totally keep me sustained and supported…but then there are teachers we bring in, volunteers, specialists, to help the program live into the goals and mission we’ve chosen!

If you are in business or at work, make sure you have a good supporting cast. Love them, recognize them, thank them, and treat them well, because you need them as much as they need you!

The third success factor is this…

3. Be in integrity in your work, life and business. For anything in life to happen and come into being, you must lead your life as the true leader you are!

This means doing the actions each day, that have you show up powerfully in your life and work. Be that positive force that you are, be that leader you are, be that successful mission and outcome you are!

Be it! Do it and you will for sure have what you want.

I find when you live in integrity, the bullshit of life disappears! You are focused on what matters and not focused on the drama of life. You may have to make some bold moves to let go of people, things and actions that don’t serve you, that block you from being your best!

Your life may look, very boring and simple. For me personally, I go to bed early and get up early to meditate, give thanks in my gratitude journal and to post my affirmations, then I work in exercise in the morning before I head into work, I am set emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the day!

The focus for me is to serve and do my best to help entrepreneurs…in order for me to do that I need time to myself, my family, social time, lazy time, learning time and then once those various aspects of life have been met, then I am clear to do my work, run my business and make money doing so!

Sometimes, for success to happen

you must be a good self-manager of your life, of your time and can focus on what is most important for you to live a great life.

I break it down into 5 key categories. We all need time to have fun, play and enjoy, so each week or day, set aside some social time, then you need to work or run your business and that is work time!

You then need “you time” I call this “Inner” time…time to learn, pray, meditate, read, this time helps you have balance and calm when life or work gets a bit sticky!

Next, you need time to plan your financials…whether you are in business or work, you always need to look at the financial picture. Whether it be saving for a yacht, or a trip, or cutting up a credit card, or saving for an RRSP…you need to take care of yourself and family and have a financial goal and plan…

The other aspect of your life is the Taking care of part. This is the stuff in life you need to take care of and to me it includes your health family and home.

When you add these up, they spell SWIFT…

You want to live a Swift life! Empowered, balanced, focused, healthy, real and fun!

I have created a SWIFT Chart to help me set my most important goals for the month and stay on track to what matters…

I post up a post it notes (3 of them) under each category and set 3 key goals each month, once that goal has been achieved, I pull of the post it note and then replace it with a new goal or initiative.

You can try this for yourself!

To conclude, for you to be successful, do your best to live life in integrity and do the things that truly matter to you, invest in your life, enjoy your life, keep your life as simple, balanced, meaningful and fun as you can.

Set your mission and vision, live it, do it, make it happen!

Surround yourself with good supports in your life…friends, family, associates, mentors, a mastermind team or an accountability partner.

Then, live your life in integrity…but remember allow for some give and some room to just let loose, the idea of Swift isn’t about being on all the time, sometimes we need to just let go and let loose…it’s called life…but then get back up and on and choose to really live your best life, work and business!


Make it a fabulous new year!


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