On this page, we share the why and who we help most. Plus, if you scroll down take the “Are you ready for entrepreneurship” quiz.

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What is the Boomer Business Coach about? For starter’s here is what is happening to the Baby Boomer Generation and why we need to connect…


We help boomers succeed in business by reaching, connecting to and working with 4 core client groups…

1. We assist companies and organizations to help any of your employees going through job loss or change look at entrepreneurship as a career alternative.

What we do is we will work with your organization to help you manage change and any employee corrections you are making. We will work with your team and or those individuals on board with having a plan after job loss. We help those people think of the WHAT’S NEXT?

 Let’s face it, the job market is fragile and can be downright tough! Jobs and careers might not be available to us quite like we would want and hope for.

We give your employees an opportunity to take control of your future and finally work on a business idea that you’ve wanted?

2. We also help companies think and be more entrepreneurial to think and be proactive like an entrepreneur would. Where you are focused on the customer, your culture and the business relationships you develop. What are your clients thinking, when they think of your company? We will equip your people and management with the skill sets that enable you to create a clear and compelling vision, mission and then help your team be able to act on it help you achieve your company goals, initiatives and sales in the marketplace.

We will assist your sales and marketing teams to engage, connect and sell. Our sales training programs and help you connect with your clients by trust building, on-going customer care and being leaders in your field. we help your company be driven to be the best and create a culture that is great to work at and also great to do business with.

3. If you are an new business owner just starting or just struggling to make it,  we will help you look at what it takes to think and be like an entrepreneur and assist you as you start your own business. We will give you the steps, the processes to reach out, develop business, we will offer you the learning, the coaching, the contacts and resources to help you grow and launch “Successfully”.

4. Not-for-profit agencies and economic development organizations. We have cut our teeth on working with small business start-ups through a number of various government sponsored small business start-up programs. We have worked with women, youth, newcomers, and adults of all shapes and sizes, teaching sales, marketing, customer service, business planning, operations and much much more. Some of our clients include; Microskills, Enterprise Toronto, Centennial College, Seneca College, Job Skills, Essential Communications, The Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre, the Business Advisory Centre Durham and many more. We have taught, mentored and coached over 2500 individuals over the years of working in this sector.

If you are facing career angst and are seriously thinking about being in your own business then, don’t go it alone…let the Boomer Business Coach help you make the right move into your bright new future.

Let’s Get Going!


David Cohen

Setting the Stage and take our Quiz

acctsThe current changes that the Boomer Generation is going through is simply staggering to say the least and the changes have huge implications, socially, economically and yes even politically.


Trend Watching dot com writes, “The world’s population is aging at a staggering rate. The 50+ population is the fastest growing segment worldwide and predicted life expectancies are at a historical high. An American turns 50 once every seven seconds. Within the next few years, 50% of the European Union’s population will be 65+. By 2030, in Italy, retirees will outnumber active workers. By 2050, the median age in Thailand will rise to 50.” (Source: MIT AgeLab.)


In the UK, over-50s are currently 20 million strong, growing fast, and hold 80% of the nation’s wealth (source: BBC).

Estimated annual spending power of baby boomers is more than USD 2 trillion. Younger boomers (born 1956-1964) spend most of their money on their children and the mortgage. Older boomers (born 1946-1955), many of whom are empty nesters, put their money into upgrading their homes and on clothing, spending 13% and 11% more than average on women’s and men’s apparel, respectively. (Source: MetLife 2005.)

From a business point of view, Boomers are going into business faster than any other age group, with women boomers leading the charge!

A recent  TD Canada Trust survey found that 54 per cent of baby boomers have started or considered starting a small business prior to retirement. And 40 per cent of workers over 65 are self-employed, showing that pre-boomers have also taken to entrepreneurialism in impressive numbers, according to Industry Canada.


In the changing world of work, Baby Boomers or boomerpreneurs, are going into business for a few reasons. One is purely about dollars and sense. The need to still be earning an income is paramount. Plus, it’s about staying mentally sharp and valued as we get older…and being in business is all about being sharp!


Another key reason is once we have retired, been down-sized or have been asked to be on contract and are being hired back on contract as opposed to working full-time. That life long career, get a gold watch is not a reality in these fast changing times. We need to be more flexible, open, agile and ready to change with (instead of against) today’s ever changing work environment, as Boomers (and adults) we need to go with the flow and yet we still want to live life on our terms. So maybe it begins by truly living into your gifts, your genius and do something you have passion for.

If this sounds like you, or is happening in your organization then we really need to connect.

If you are a boomer and going through these shifts and changes, take our quiz below…

If you say yes any of the scenarios below…then we should talk…

quiz-10-300x239If you are going through career change

If you are launching a new business

If you’re new to starting a business

If you are struggling to get your existing business going

If you are a bit stuck and need that extra push and guidance

If you’re escaping the usual 9-to-5 workday and striking out on your own and just need that extra push then this site and our services are the place to be.


Our Mission:

successopenOur primary aim or business mission is to provide learning; coaching and business development programs that will help the small to medium sized business owner grow their business and live life powerfully. The Boomer Business Coach exists to serve small business owners and to help them succeed and grow their ventures. Small business really is the engine of the economy and our company wants to be there to work towards our client’s success. The motto; “We succeed when our clients succeed” is central to what we are about. We are focused on giving value-add learning and coaching services and products to our clients. “We succeed when our clients succeed in what they are creating for themselves, their community and their clients”


Helping Boomers do what they love and do it successfully!

Are you ready to shine your Light?

Let’s dive right in…

Is this you? 

You’re in your 50s, holding down a well-paying position with a company you’ve served loyally since your kids were toddlers. Then one day comes that dreadful meeting with your boss and an HR person. Before you know it, you’re on the street, severance in hand, with no clue as to what to do next. While many ‘downsized’ executives do find work elsewhere, more and more of them are taking their exit as an opportunity to get into business for themselves.

That “more and more” is for real. According to the most recent CIBC Survey of Small Business, small enterprise start-ups run by older Canadians, i.e. over the age of 55, are by far the fastest growing segment in the small business sector. Says the report: “These ‘seniorpreneurs’ currently account for one in four self-employed individuals in Canada and constitute more than 30 per cent of the total workforce over the age of 55.”

But before you leap, take the test below…it will help you have a focus and starting point as to what is next! 

play full out

Take the quiz!

But wait, please test the waters before you leap…and ask yourself these hard questions first…


Am I clear on my business idea and concept?

Who do I serve? Who are my best customers? Can I sell to them effectively?


What problems and issues am I solving for my customers?


Is there a clear cut need for what I offer?


Have I researched the marketplace, my competitors and my potential clients?


 Can I afford this?


Do I have a financial plan to help me through the tough times?


Have you talked it up with your bank, family, credit union and your financial planner?


Do you have a plan in place as to how you will sell to, market to and get customers? 

 Do you have a back-up plan (money wise) in case things take longer to develop?


 Do you have a team around you to help you?

Have you tapped into the many resources at your local economic development level? For example check out the local economic development office, your library or Chamber of Commerce.


 Have you put a cost to starting and doing this business together yet?


 Do you know who your ideal client is?


 What is your business/marketing budget?


If you’re in a partnership do you have an agreement in place so you can work harmoniously together?


The bottom line is…We are all for you living your best life and a life you dream of, but…do it wisely and look before you leap into this new life!

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