“David is smart, genuinely committed to the cause and knows how to work magic to help entrepreneurs and small businesses move to the next level.”-Michel Neray-MoMondays-The Essential Message


We love to coach  –  We have coached hundreds of business owners to get going and succeed on their own terms. Whether you need our Half Day Jam Session featuring 2 coaches one-on-one with you or sales and marketing coaching to help you grow your business and or life and business balance coaching and our Live Life Swift program, we can find exactly what you need to help you get clear, move forward, take action and achieve success! 

“David is a “Good” speaker, explains all the content very well, gives out good, relevant personal stories and involves the class by giving us time to apply the info directly to our business.”

Our Coaching Programs:

Let’s start off with individual coaching, we have 3 programs currently.

One is our Live Life Swift Program and the other is our 6 Steps to Sales Success-business growth program:

cropped-1.png    lp (1)

We have developed 3 coaching programs to help you get the most out of your business. We provide you the clarity, insights, strategy and implementation to help you succeed in your venture.


Or Join my fellow coach Kim Chernecki of the Dream Business Creator as we go one-on-one with you in our half day business jam sessions to help you really get focused, set out your marketing and sales plan and we guarantee you 3 new clients in 60 days!

Coming this  November!

  Laser coaching (1)

In November we are launching the Monday Morning Marketing Webinar Clinic…tap into developing your 2016 marketing plans…

Coming this  November!

This fall, tap into the Spiritual Masterclass a coaching program that builds success from the inside out with Reverend Pamela Grace and David Cohen

08.24.2015 (3)

What if you could get the inspiration, guidance, accountability and got the monthly pick me up to keep you going in your business, work or life?

What if this included a monthly webinar and two- 30 minute individual coaching calls (one with each of us)  to help, set your vision, your goals and intentions to what it was you truly wanted to see happen?

What if you got all this for $67.00 a month with 2 coaches, 2 facilitators with 2 very unique and compelling perspectives who know their stuff?
Would you consider taking this program?

Sign up for success right now… take part in the Spiritual Master Class Series…the definitive and very affordable coaching and learning program geared to help you succeed from the inside out.

Each month we will take you on a journey to help you uncover your truest most authentic selves and take your gifts, joys and passions to market in a way that won’t sacrifice your soul.

Take part in our first session on November 3rd at 12 noon EST. The first is on us…you can take a test drive to see if you get the goods and support you need to succeed.
See you online!

Laser coaching (1)

Lastly don’t forget to sign up for our complimentary 20 minute laser coaching session to get you started!

Just email us at to arrange your session!

Let’s just get Started!


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