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Sites we love:

Here is our list of top 10 sites:

  1. Canva, if you want to be able to do your own compelling artwork and designs for your website, a proposal, your social media pages, then Canva is very user friendly and enables you at a relatively low cost ($1.00 per design) to become your very own graphic artist. Here is the link.
  2. Need a video? A voice over? Or someone to do up a logo for you? Get it done on Fiverr dot com for just $5.00. Now you need to shop around for the person or talent you want, but once you find the right fit for your business message, BINGO! You’ve got access to some very cool marketing support services that make you look like a King or Queen!  Log onto
  3. In need of something to put on the internet and just not ready for a full blow website? Get a one page business or personal profile at no charge with About dot me…log onto and get online!
  4. Need to post things on your social media pages, but don’t want to spend time each day doing it? Then coordinate and plan your posts every day with Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to send your messages out all at once without having social media being a huge time suck… log onto for more.
  5. Need up to the minute articles and data on all kinds of business, social, medical, political topics? Then subscribe to a Smartbrief of your choice and get the ideas, information, research and analysis you need, right to your email box each day. Smartbrief is smart business, log onto for more info and choose the topics that help the most.
  6. Need a CRM solution but don’t have the deep pockets? Try and get your sales, customer management, and conversations with clients tracked.
  7. Communicate like a pro and harness the marketing and communications power of webinars with Citrix. You get worry free, good quality webinars or tele-seminar service with Citrix. It works, the service team is top notch and it’s a fabulous marketing and communications tool. Log onto for more
  8. Need a good time management program? To help you plan and make the most of your time? Log onto if you have the time!
  9. Want to tap into relevant stories and articles about today’s entrepreneur? Log onto Entrepreneur Magazine at and get the latest news in small business
  10. Need to improve your business skills and live in the GTA?  Log onto Enterprise Toronto’s website, they are the go to place to start, launch and grow your business. With one-on-one business advice, training programs, events and much more. Enterprise Toronto can help. Log onto 

Did you know we have a book? 

It is totally geared to helping you run your venture…it’s called Bust Out and it is available on Amazon in soft cover and in Kindle formats.

Just click on the book to take you to Amazon! 


Hear us out too! 

Hear, hear

Catch our various interviews on how this coaching/learning company all began…

Tune into our Interview with Ken Queen on the Income for Baby Boomers…it was a joy to talk to Ken and I think it would entertain you and inform you as well!

Click on the logo and box below to tune into my chat with Ken Queen and log onto his website too for other podcasts and information to help you do well!


Charlie Poznek is doing some incredible work to help Boomers in Business…a few years ago I was interviewed for his podcast…check this out below…click on the pic and it will take you to this podcast and Charlie’s site…


In September I was on Tina Dietz’s Start Something Show…Tina is a colleague and coach based in Florida. She is a dynamo! I love her…

Tina created Start Something to serve the mission of igniting 10,000 thriving businesses and provide outstanding small business resources, tools, coaching, and opportunities for small business owners. Together, we’re building a tribe of entrepreneurial, creative people who are community and thought leaders who live well and leave a legacy.

Most people find that making transitions in life is challenging at best, but I’ve learned to love and master the process. There is a dance between the external building of a new endeavor and your internal landscape. If you want to create lasting success you need to be able to bring both sides together. Coaching you through the steps of this dance and into a business and life where you are thriving…that’s where Tina Dietz comes in.

Log onto

Click on the picture to access this interview and show…


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