Core Offer

boomer2The Boomer Business Coach is composed of a team of experts and professionals that help organizations and individuals look at the “What’s Next” in their work and careers. If you’re a company that is downsizing or re-structuring we work with your out-going employees to help them have a serious look at launching their own businesses as a career alternative.

In fact, we specialize in small business start-ups and in coaching and teaching individuals to launch their own businesses. As the principle of the Boomer Business Coach (David Cohen) is an author of a book called Bust Out-Ignite your Inner Entrepreneur, host/producer of a weekly radio show called the Small Business Big Ideas Show. David, has taught thousands and coached hundreds through various not-for-profit government run learning programs that help adults, youth and newcomers to Canada launch a new business.

David is bringing his own experience to the table. Having taught and coached individual start-ups in both the non-profit and for profit arenas.

In launching the Boomer Business Coach, you get a team approach where we are geared to helping those going through career angst, change and adjustment and who are looking to launch their own business for the first time or want to take your venture to the next level. The world of work is changing and it is affecting more and more Canadians, the recent report in the Globe and Mail Canadians Turning to Self-Employment suggests that the shaky job market is forcing us to re-think, re-evaluate and re-ignite our career/work aspirations and our passions. 

It’s happening south of the border too, in Salt Lake City, recent reports in the Tribune  suggest the same trends are occurring there as well.

If you are an individual going through changes then you get access to a number of coaching and business development programs to help you launch and succeed.

Put the expertise of the team at the Boomer Business Coach to work for your team or your business…it’s time to re-think, re-define, re-evaluate and succeed and reach where you want to go and live into the “what’s next” for you, get clear on what you want and determine what is possible and take the right action to make it happen for you or your team.


Re-Think your future…We empower people to re-think their future. A future where they can share their own gifts and talents and take a product idea or service to market…

Our learning and coaching programs are geared to help individuals re-think their career options in this ever changing world of work and business. We help individuals explore their options and make it easy to launch, to re-think, to plan, to research, to act.


Re-define who you are…We help individuals and teams learn what  they are made up of. Where they can understand their unique gifts, talents and personality styles and operate from a place of strength and lead their lives in a way that they are truly sharing what it is they are gifted to do. Our team of experts is trained in various personality profile systems and are expert in helping to evaluate ones strengths personality traits and success patterns.                                                                           


Re-ignite. We also help individuals and teams re-ignite the passion. Where would we be if it wasn’t for passion? Nothing would get done, or started or happen without passion. We’d never invent new products or ideas if we weren’t driven by passion. We help to re-ignite ideas, passion and peoples lives so we can build strong work places that care about their people, stronger businesses, a stronger local economy and ultimately stronger communities…  


Succeed. We help you sell, market and reach your market with team sales training or individual coaching sessions. We have reached thousands in our training programs and coached hundreds of new business owners learn what it takes to grow their business and attract new clients.

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