Our coaching philosophy



You have heard about coaching…in fact someone you know has worked with a coach and they are really seeing some positive results in their business and in their life…but…you aren’t sure. There is something holding you back. Maybe you are stuck and are a little embarrassed to say so…you’d rather keep your own affairs to yourself.

Ten Attributes of Successful Coaches

  1. Have a strong sense of self. Value themselves intrinsically, are confidant and show up authentically.
  2. Willing to evolve and develop themselves.
  3. Listen at the deepest levels; know how to filter out their own emotions, judgments and conclusions.
  4. Genuinely curious about people, have a healthy sense of humor and humility. 
  5. Live from high personal integrity, walk their talk, tell the truth, know how to get their own needs met.
  6. Open to, not attached to outcome. Able to make themselves blank for the client’s agenda and solutions to emerge.
  7. Financially stable, think and act like an entrepreneur and business owner.
  8. Balanced in life, have a strong support system.
  9. Have good boundaries. Know that the clients know what is best for them.
  10. Intuitive, courageous, creative, willing to take the chance of being wrong.

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If you aren’t seeing the results you want out of your business or if things are not going quite the way you want them to, then call us. 

You can reach us at 416-630-3527. Your call is strictly confidential and your first session is free. It’s a chance for both of us to get to know each other.

If your business is in need of a change or boost or you are stuck in the middle of making the change necessary for you to move forward, but unsure of the direction you should go, then working with a business coach might be the answer for you. We work one-on-one with our clients to help them move through the issues that need to be addressed and work to create a whole new vision and purpose for themselves and their business. If you want to work on developing creative growth strategies for your business and work with a coach that thinks laterally and outside the box … then call us.

Well, truthfully if I was you…I would be hesitant too…I mean coaching…me?  I’ll get through it this time…somehow…I can work alone…I don’t need that extra help or pair of eyes and ears…or someone to bounce ideas off of. Not me…I have always done it alone…I mean hey…I just read “Think and grow rich”…that should change things around here…

Well…think again…coaching does help…and in case you aren’t sure, here is what you must look at and consider when hiring a coach. Your coach must have the following qualities…


Our Philosophy:

At the Boomer Business Coach, we believe that you are more than just your business. Your personal self is an integral part of your business as well. In our coaching sessions, we work with the “whole” you. Your life and business are usually carefully intertwined. We help you move towards a more desirable future with positive outcomes. The dream of entrepreneurship and the freedom and aliveness you can feel when you are successfully doing it on your own doesn’t come easy. To get there, you need a team around to help guide you towards those goals.

We have developed the C.O.A.C.H. system:

C-Create your ideal
O-Own your life
A-Activate and take action
C-Centre around your own goals and values
H-Healthy choices

We provide telephone or one-on-one personal coaching services and would love to work with you. Our first session is a chance to get to know each other and gives us both a chance to explore each other and to see if there is a natural fit for us to work together. We conduct a “Discovery” session to determine where you are at in your current business plan, where you want your business to go and then present to you our recommendations and coaching plan that will help you attain the level of business you desire.