Our Team

We want you to meet our team, we have some true professionals to help you with your life, health, career, business, marketing, sales. Just connect with us and we will help you get the help you need.


Meet the team: 

We have assembled a broad cross section of experts to help Baby Boomers lead their best lives and businesses. We have other business coaches and experts to help you lead, manage and succeed. 

We have a good group of extra hands on help, like a fitness expert, a web and social media expert, a success planning coach, legal counsel, a health specialist, a life coach and spiritual counselor, to leadership and career expert and even a couple of sales coaches…oh and before I forget we also have a succession planner too! 

Feel free to scroll through our team and let us know who you want to work with. 

We can set up a meeting to see if you are a fit for them and that they meet and exceed your needs in life or business as well!

Now meet the team!

This is why we want to work with you!

Our team of professionals is geared to helping you succeed. From helping your employees going through transition, to helping your business re-focus, re-align and market and sell more proactively, our team of consultants, outplacement services, business professionals and coaches can assist your company on many levels.

David Cohen-Principle-The Boomer Business Coach:

dc4David is an author, business coach and facilitator and was the former host/producer and creator of the Small Business Big Ideas Show heard weekly for over 9 years. David  has taught thousands over the years in both the non-profit and for profit sectors and has coached hundreds of start-ups to make those important first steps. He specializes in teaching the 8 Keys to Success, How I got to Kiss the Stanley Cup and his new keynote called “A breakthrough-through the glass”- how to overcome  the fear, plus he leads workshops in sales, marketing, market research, business plans, target marketing and customer service programs. 

Patti Pokorchak, MBA – Guest Coach and our resident Small Business Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. 

patti Patti’s motto is ’to have fun and make money’, and if you’re not having fun, then who cares about the money. Born into an entrepreneurial family, small business has been in her blood since leaving her four years at the IBM finishing school (thank you for teaching me how to sell), wandering off to Europe for a decade and working at five startup tech companies. She truly believes that you can live a life without regrets. 

Returning to Canada, she became self-employed in 1992, helping start and run a 7-figure high tech software business for 10 years, before moving to the country and opening a successful garden centre and hobby farm for 6 years.  Now a recovering farmer and back in her Toronto hometown after that 30 year detour, she loves to help make your passion profitable with her proven practical advice! 

Through an intense brainstorm session and ongoing coaching, Patti loves to get to the essence of a business, see where the really marketable gem is and then help the entrepreneur capitalize on their unique offering. Known for her wacky ideas that work, she helps you use targeted creative strategies to have fun and make money, the only way to work!

James Elliot-Nutritionist and Health Coach-Complete Health and Fitness

Empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

29_outdoors_suit_James r Elliot Complete health and fitness web

James Elliot:

Complete Health & Fitness provides holistic nutrition and health transformation coaching for busy people. We provide a complete and customized approach to being fit and being healthy, which is different than most other organizations. 

James R. Elliot feels that you need to take a complete look at a person’s life; diet, physical activity, and mental state  in order to make the greatest, most motivational and most permanent impact.  Everyone is unique – and so following a one size fits all diet, lifestyle or exercise program won’t provide you with the optimum results you are looking for. It will also take you a lot more time to reach your goals – and cost you more money.  

To create your custom plan, James looks at the entire body system for hidden reasons why someone is having health issues. Again, this allows him to create a custom plan for you, which will be far more effective than a one size fits all plan!

James loves sharing his weight loss story and his path to success and happiness. If James can go from being clinically obese and always tired at 235lbs down to 174lbs and healthy, so can you! He would like to show you how to succeed as well, and save you from all the time, traps, spending, setbacks and pitfalls!

Education is also key! James wants to be able to educate and empower his clients, so they can reach, and keep, their goals. Unfortunately, most self-directed health initiatives do not have effective or permanent results.

Complete Health and Fitness is happy to provide coaching as long as you feel you need it, even once you have reached, and exceeded your goals! We want you to be successful – and happy – permanently!

There is no one-size-fits-all health plan, which is why James takes everyone’s individual needs into account to create a custom plan for each of his clients – ensuring maximum flexibility, success and enjoyment. James helps clients focus on coaching and improving all 3 areas of their lives; nutrition, motivation, and exercise. This makes them the most successful, and the happiest.

Warren Coughlin-Guest Business and an Associate Coach-Specializing in Profit, Principles and Personal Growth

warrencoughlinWarren Coughlin is a business coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator.  He works with ethical entrepreneurs and mission driven organizations to strategically drive superior performance to help them make the world a better place. 

As a business coach, he was the top performing business coach in Canada with ActionCOACH for 6 years before heading out on his own last year to focus on helping ethical entrepreneurs Profit with Priniciple.

Warren is a recovering lawyer, having practiced on Bay Street for 6 years.  He’s also a serial entrepreneur, having had businesses in the new media space.  He’s also served a a college professor, an actor and theatre director.

Over the years, Warren has served on the boards of a number of organizations including Neighbourhood Information Post, Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival, Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, Street Kids International and The Funding Network. 

Roger Pierce-Guest Coach-Small Business Start-up Specialist and Communications Associate


Roger Pierce is one of Canada’s top small business experts. Founder of 12 small businesses and co-author of the book Thriving Solo, Roger shares his advice in leading Canadian publications including the Toronto Star, PROFIT online and CBC’s Dragons’ Den blog. He runs Newcomer Start up (dot com) and is leading start-up and growth thinker and strategist. He has worked in both profit and not-for profit fields, is the Entrepreneurship expert at the National Job Fair in Toronto and is an entrepreneurs-entrepreneur.

 Jeff Kropman-Family run business coach, succession planning and success coach associate…

Jeff_KropmanJeff Kropman is an expert team and culture builder. He specializes in helping family businesses overcome challenges affecting profitability and succession. In 2012, Jeff started KRO Performance Management to help entrepreneurs implement strategic talent management solutions. He works closely with leadership, accountants, financial planners and lawyers to achieve the stated business goal.

Jeff has worked for over 26 years in his family’s manufacturing business acquiring valuable management experience and insight. Inquisitive by nature, he’s taken courses at Queen’s university, Rotman School of management, Durham College and various other professional develop seminars and workshops.  He is certified in administering the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

Jeff is passionate about helping family businesses lay a solid foundation for optimizing team performance and increasing business value. He can be reached at jeff@kroperformancemanagement.com

Brandon Kreiger – Marketing/social media/content expert and all round enthusiastic, creative mastermind


KNSS Consulting Group Inc. started out in 2001 as a computer consultant group of IT experts supporting companies with their IT needs. In 2004 companies began inquiring about social media marketing; how it works and how they can use it in their business. We understood there was a demand in the industry and so redesigned KNSS Consulting Group Inc. to focus our efforts on marketing technologies and business strategies. Since then, our loyal and savvy business clients have requested that we expand our service parameters to include graphic design, website design, videography, social media marketing, business editing, article writing, printing, promotional products and more.

Fast-forward to today where we now have a team of experts who provide a one-stop marketing boutique for companies who are serious about growing their business. We focus on developing: you, your market, your marketing, your people and your systems. This formula is the foundation on which we work with our business friends (clients) and are able to help them achieve success.

We look forward to working with you.

Rev. Pamela Grace-Life Coach-Spiritual Guidance Coaching

Rev. Pamela Grace has 20 years of hands on counselling and coaching experience.  She specializes in transitional times.  She has coached women through childbirth, couples through marriage ceremonies, relationship and career loss, career and job position change, stress, anxiety and addictions to recovery, well-being and prosperity.  She is a coach that is versatile, knowledgeable and creative. She is well known for her abilities to find creative solutions and think outside the box. It is her belief that inspiration is often found beyond our comfort zone!


She has learned from the best and practicing what she coaches. She began her career as a Social Worker in 1994, working as a bilingual Community Case Manager in the mental health field. She has worked for several years in this field with a focus on crisis intervention and addictions. She completed certification as a Doula (labour coach) followed by two years of studies in Midwifery in the late 90s. She went on to complete studies with The New Seminary in NYC and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister specializing in Spiritual Counselling in 2006. She began officiating weddings in 2007 as well as receiving her Masters level Certification in Reiki in the same year. She continuously incorporates wisdom from Spiritual, Success and Prosperity Principles.

 “Choosing a life coach and spiritual guide is a personal choice based on establishing what is a good fit for you. I find it’s a bit like dating. We are looking for that “je ne sais quoi” that signals a spark of recognition, an energetic surge, a knowing that indicates a good fit.  Ultimately, your intention and mine will lead the way for us to meet… until then…”

Our health and heart specialist…Dr. Michael Irving


Dr. Irving survived a heart attack, stroke (TIA) and numerous cardiac surgeries before losing 100 pounds and going on to become an accomplished marathon runner for a 65 year old.

Dr. Irving’s recovery from severe heart disease was remarkable and inspiring. Dr. Irving celebrated turning 65 years old with 5 marathon runs in 12 weeks. He went from a sluggish overweight depressed individual to enjoying a life filled with energy and vitality. He believe this window is open to all who have had heard a door slam from heart disease. He also recognizes that a host of people and services helped him to put his life back together. He call his 65th birthday run a “Gratitude Day Marathon”. This winter day was spent from sunrise to sunset running a marathon throughout the city of Toronto to express recognition and gratitude to the dozens and dozens who contributed to his healthy and a vision that living from the heart is living for the heart.

To reverse your heart disease and reach optimum cardiac health we do not expect to to become a marathon runner, or even participate in any form of running races or competitive athletic events. If you have live a sedentary life leading up to your diagnosis of a cardiac concern than a, doctor approved, slow progression to renewing your fitness is in order. This takes time and the small first steps are as important for celebration as the later big steps. Eventually reaching thirty to forty minutes a day, five days a week, of brisk exercise will bring about significant changes in your cardiac as well as over all physical and mental hearth.

We do understand that a cardiac event can be a wake up call to motivates people to successfully make significant life changes. We see remarkable improvements take place not only in physical health, but also in most areas of life. If you use your cardiac crisis as force of motivation and inspiration you can expect to see positive improvements in relationships, responses to stress, your sense of purpose and even in the areas of gratitude and acts of kindness.


Sue Sutcliffe is our resident Web Designer and Web Expert and teacher…

Known as ‘The Web Coach’ in Durham Region, successfully coached thousands of clients on the power of technology (websites, e-marketing and social media) and the best way to leverage the internet.

Worked with a diverse, multi-textured client base in custom designing thousands of websites, intranets, extranets, and social media campaigns to achieve/track marketing objectives.

Increased operational efficiencies for clients through the design and implementation of custom web/database infrastructures and utilizing HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, XHTML, CSS Access, MySQL, CGI, Java, Javascript, FTP, HTTP, and applications such as Flash, Director, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Quark.

Improved internal processes and operations by researching, purchasing and implementing technology such as web servers, operating systems and applications.


Marc Mawhinney is a results-oriented business coach with a passion for helping people achieve better results in their businesses and their lives.  His clients are entrepreneurs in a growth mindset and eager to take their businesses to the next level, but improve their work/life balance at the same time.


After experiencing a business closure, Marc spent considerable time and energy studying how entrepreneurs can make comebacks after experiencing major setbacks.  He decided to become a business coach and took the lessons from others and his own experiences to help clients avoid the same pitfalls.

Marc does One-on-One coaching and Group coaching programs for entrepreneurs to offer flexibility depending on his clients’ needs.  He also offers a free, no-obligation strategy session to help entrepreneurs gain more clarity with their business! 

 Marc Mawhinney – Business Coach 

“Helping Entrepreneurs Reach the Next Level”  wwwMarcMawhinney.com

Book Your Free, No-Obligation, 1-on-1 Strategy Session Today!


Kenneth M. Farrell B.Sc., B.A., J.D. Our resident legal expert is with ANISSIMOFF MANN

 AMPC logo colour

Kenneth Farrell - low resolution for internet  Kenneth Farrell

Ken is an Associate at Anissimoff Mann Professional Corporation, which began as an intellectual property law firm in London, Ontario. The firm has grown with its clients and now provides a full range of legal services to small and medium enterprises, including corporate/commercial law and civil litigation.

Ken opened Anissimoff Mann’s satellite office in Toronto in 2015. He is a graduate of Western Law (’14), and holds a Diploma in International and European Business Law from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in Lyon, France; a B.A. in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University; and a B. Sc. in Business Administration from UMass-Lowell, where he attended on a hockey scholarship.

Ken’s practice is built on providing legal advice and solicitor’s work to companies on a subscription basis, allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to fix their costs for the legal services they need to protect and build their businesses. Ken is a dynamic public speaker and enjoys presenting on a range of legal topics, including business vehicles and intellectual property strategies.


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