If you are a Baby Boomer, between the ages of 45-66…you have probably been rocked by social, economic, environmental, or political changes that just have you wondering what can possibly be next?

colorful-change  If your career plans have been affected…maybe it’s time to launch your own business and do something you’re totally passionate about!  It’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way!   The Baby Boomer Generation got rocked by the financial fall out of the 2008 recession, we are having to work longer, keep earning money, work harder for less and the jobs we had are changing, or shifting, or worse, they are disappearing on us…


Where do we go next? What is possible at this stage in our life? Everything is Possible!   I can honestly say, I have asked myself those very questions…so we hear you loud and clear, (oh boy do we ever)…Why you ask? To start with I have been where you are, maybe not exactly, but pretty close. If you’ve been down-sized, right-sized and maybe even super-sized out of a career or job…maybe it’s time to kick back at life and do it for ourselves! Maybe it’s time to live life on your terms, finally… Maybe it’s time to live your ideal life and do what you really love doing and do it well… So come on…get on board…let’s get going…  





Get on board the Boomer Business Revolution…



Welcome to the Boomer Business Coach


The Story:


Here is my story and why this was at the heart of this website and business focus…

Back in 2011, after a work contract came to an end due to funding cuts, I found myself out of work. What ensued was the usual behaviour given the fact that I lost my job in March of 2011. As I reflect back to March of 2011, it was a time of big loss for me, but also a time of new beginnings. “Out of Ashes, the Phoenix Rises”.  

Re-grouping after loss:

Tell me if you can relate to this, in March of 2011, I lost my job (funding cuts) my mom…who was 86 and had advanced Alzheimer’s and a close family member had Quadruple Bypass Surgery (he is doing very well now). Also, if you recall in March of 2011, the Tsunami hit Japan, I also felt that Tsunami, because it hit my family and me personally. So, after taking time to mourn all of these changes and losses, I began a new. At first I did a major “Spring” clean, out with the old to welcome in the New. Then I  talked it up with a few friends about my next steps and began to work on my business plan and by May of 2011, I started to get gigs and thus began my business once again, literally starting from scratch.  

In the four years since:

Since that job loss and those many changes, I now work with various local economic development and small business training programs. My work has me working as a program coordinator for a youth entrepreneur program in Toronto, or you may find me leading business plan boot camps with Enterprise Toronto each month, or working with start-ups at 2 Ontario Self Employment Benefit Programs, one in Durham Region and the other in Hamilton!

In my business development and in the 4 year’s since, I re-launched and a weekly radio show, (a talk show for Small Business Owners) have taken the radio show in front of a live studio audience 4 times a year at a Quarterly event we host, been written up in the National Post, quoted in the Globe and Mail, appeared on Rogers Daytime York Region (Local TV show),  a spoken at the National Job Fair, The Enterprise Toronto Small Business Forum and have fully re-launched my coaching/consulting business…Plus I have published my first book a few years ago too.

So yes, I too have had job loss, personal loss and challenges and have re-bounded, what I want to help you with is show you how to overcome what I went through and be able to choose a life that you desire and want.


Tap into our video version of the story…


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. David: Your new sight is great. I like the little video. In the section that says “Our Goal for You” ; the first sentence in the copy says we have one go (rather than goal). Love you!!!!

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